Thursday, June 6, 2013

The ‘Botellon’ issue

A place much visited in Granada is the 'botellódromo' ("bottle track") . It is a place frequented by people of all ages where you can go drinking. People usually go botellón (Spanish for "big bottle") first and then go to discos.

 Botellon suits  stores because it increases demand. People usually come there either because they use drugs or are just having fun with friends. The police come as well because people gather to drink at a particular site.

It also has its downside because there is less demand for alcohol in pubs and bars. People consume drugs and alcohol, so fights and arguments are quite usual too. At the end, the botellódromo ends up torn and dirty.

In my opinion the 'botellodromo' is a bad place and too frequently visited by young people where they consume drugs and fight all weekends.

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  1. Thanks for your essay. Jorge. It is not exactly as I told you but it is OK though!