Monday, June 10, 2013

My interview.

Last weekend I went to  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for have an interview to Malcolm James McCormick known by his stage name Mac Miller. He is an American rapper.

I started the interview asking him at what point in his life he decided to dedicate his career to the music so he answered me that at first he did not take seriously to sing, but when he heard that hip-hop was like a job he took it seriously and he has not stopped since he was fifteen.

After I asked him which was the first song he recorded and with which record label and he asked that it was Rostrum Records and the first mixtape was the K.I.D.S in August 2010. He also told me that his first album was Blue Side Park that came out in November 2011.

Since I asked him if he has ever came to Spain and he answered yes, he came once to Madrid with a friend and he liked it very much, he told me that he would like to return soon and visit other cities in Spain.

Finally I asked him which song he believed that made him famous and his answer was Donald Trump.

I considered my interview finished here because I had to return to Granada. I really loved to make the interview because he was very nice and funny

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