Sunday, June 9, 2013

Discussion essay


It is a place where many young people are aged 15 and above meet to drink alcohol, smoke, take drugs at  weekends. In Granada this place is very popular;  it is located next to the highway and Hipercor.

On the one hand this idea is fine, as this is more controlled and young people do not drink in the rest of the city, and this place is usually controlled by the police, although there are always problems. But it is also a good idea, as the drinks in bars or nightclubs are very expensive.

But this place is always very dirty especially when the spring festival, to which thousands of people attend there are also many children who are not supposed to drink and police do not fine very often.

I think it is a very problematic issue, as  you can only find people drinking, smoking, taking drugs or people in fights.
But most of the time it is OK.

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