Thursday, June 13, 2013

Discussion essay


Nowadays, many people are studying subjects that will be useless in the future for him or her. There are arguments for and against replacing those subjects.

On the one hand, some subjects are being studied at school and they will be useless and forgotten. These useless subjects could be replaced for more practical subjects for our future careers . If you study for the degree you want, you should choose the subjects useful for these studies and should not have to study the subjects you hate as this can be bad for you and your concentration. People always say that if you study what you like, you'll obtain better marks. This can be a good advantage.

On the other hand, many people think that all the subjects could be nice for the future. Changing some subjects could be a disadvantage for the life of someone, because many people have got problems to develop in life and those people should study the most general subjects without any possible choices. This is because you have to be trained before you can choose your subjects.

To sum up, I believe that more practical subjects should replace the subjects we are studying now because it is a waste of time to study subjects you will not see ever again in your life. I think students should be allowed to choose their own subjects  (Biology, Physics, Languages, Geography, History...). Nevertheless, some people have no idea what they like in life and this can be a problem for them. I think we do not have to live to work, but we have to work to live.

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