Sunday, June 9, 2013

Discussion Essay.

Oral exams are better than written exams.

There are many opinions about oral exams and everybody talks about it, but in fact students, who should be the ones to decide it, cannot agree.

On the one hand, oral exams help students to express themselves correctly, which is a difficult task because students get nervous when they have to talk to a class full of people. Anyway, people who think oral exams are better, defend that it is faster talking than writing, so they can finish their exams on time. Besides, they do not have to worry about the spelling mistakes, which can be an impediment to pass the written exam.

On the other hand, written exams give students more time to think the right answer of each question, and they have the opportunity to correct the mistakes before giving the finished exam to the teacher, which they cannot do in oral exams. Moreover, most students express themselves better in written exams because they can think about what they are writing.

To sum up, I think written exams are easier, mainly because if you cannot remember an answer you can go to another question, and maybe later you remember the last one, instead of losing the opportunity to think slowly about the right answer. And of course, you can write about something connected with the question, and if you are lucky, you can get half the points of the answer. Although, I think oral exams are better in language subjects to learn to speak in other languages.

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