Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eating meat is morally wrong. Discussion essay.

People have strong points of view about this topic.

On the one hand, it is true that animals suffer very much when they are killed, and some of their deaths are really cruel. In addition, we eat lots and lots of meat and fish, and derivative products, which means many animal deaths. Nevertheless, we can and we must eat plants too (fruits, vegetables), so we can let animals live happily and have a healthy good live, without causing so much pain by just eating plants and having vitamins to make up for the meat. We would not like to be haunted and eaten, so we should not do it to the other animals.

On the other hand, animals have always been killed, by humans and other animals, it is the law of life. They all have to die, and animals can be killed without been tortured, they do not have to suffer very much. Despite of the fact that we cannot just eat plants (we are omnivorous animals, which means that we need to have meat too), if nobody ate meat, the balance of the environment would break, and there would be too many animals, because they would not be haunted. In addition, farms and meat trade would disappear, and it would be a disaster for people who work on this trade.

To sum up, I do not believe that eating meat is morally wrong. As many other animals, we need it too, and I do not find anything wrong about it. Meat and fish are healthy and necessary, and delicious too.

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  1. Good essay, Elena. I like the images that you have chosen very much, and your text too!!