Monday, June 10, 2013

Professional footballer are overpaid

Many people have strong views about the professional footballer are overpaid . There are some arguments both for agree and disagree.

On the one hand is good the salary for the footballers because they can make the campaigns to promote the sport and can also serve organizates image to charities because they are famous and can make people see that you can help many people.

On the other hand is bad this salary because there are more people more important but not famous doing labor more important for example the teacher: teach the future generations, the surgeon: salvage a lot of lifes, the firefighter and police: keep our security.

In my opinion the professional footballer are overpaid, and I think his salary should be lower because their labor to only entertain their fans and should not have advantages for being famous.


  1. hello conchi =)) I agree with your opinion about salary the a player football and i really like those photos!!!

  2. Hahahaha thanks Patri the photos are very interesting hahaha