Saturday, June 8, 2013


The last Saturday, I was with cinema star Robert de Niro in the Hotel Ritz, in a nice breakfast.

I: Hi Robert I´m Nacho, a reporter for the magazine HERE WE ARE
Robert: Hi Nacho. Nice to meet you 
I: Robert what are you doing in Spain in this moment?
Robert: I'm with my family, we're going to visit beautiful cities as for example Granada, Barcelona, or Salamanca
I: Oh yes, Granada is incredible (laughters)and Robert, in your professional life, have you a project now?
Robert: That is secret, but yes, I have a project ongoing with my friends Joe Pesci and Scorsese
I: Your last works with Joe and Scorsese are considered classic film.

Robert: Yes, but all the credit is for Martin Scorsese 
I: Well, Robert, it has been a pleasure but I have to go to a congress. Bye, Robert 
Robert: Bye, Nacho

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