Thursday, June 6, 2013

A summer job.

Dear Pilar,
I am Elena, I am  16 years old and I'm studying first of Bachillerato at a  high school. I'd like to apply for the post of  free time monitor with young children.
I am suitable for the post because I am really responsible, quiet, sensible and patient, but also lively and encouraging and I really love being with children.
I have three little siblings and many little cousins too, and I have  taken care of them hundreds of times, They really love me, because I have almost brought them up
If I got the job, I could do many activities with the children: costume parties - I would make the costumes myself and make the children up;  we could do some drawing activities and contests, performances - It may seem hard to make plays with little children, but they have so much fun and end up playing lovely performances.
I could also teach them some child songs and dances, both boys and girls enjoy it.
We would watch some films too - in English, so that they enjoy and learn at the same time.
It's summer, so I could take them to a children swimming pool, where they would have a great time without any risk or we could play water balloon games.
They could also sleep siesta or cook some cakes or biscuits with me - it can be really fun.
We also could go to the zoo one day - children love animals and they may learn a lot there.
As you can see, I have a lot of experience with children, and many plans and activities to do with them; that's why I would like to be considered for the post. I also would like to know how much the pay is, or the timetable.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon


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  1. Very good letter, Elena. I am thinking of giving you the job!! ;-)