Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The people who live in Denmark are called Danish, they speak only the Danish which is similar to the Norwegian,
Their political system is a very efficient parliamentary democracy. The population is about 5.400.000 people

Denmark is located on the peninsula of Jutland and it only has borders with Germany

Their currency is the Danish crown.

Denmark has an area about 43.000 km2, the capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.

In the 20th century it was invaded by Nazis for four years and after the Second World War, they lost Iceland.

The most famous Danish writer is Hans Christian Andersen who wrote a lot of stories for kids.
The most popular Danish food is Smørrebrød.


Denmark has been a member of the EU since 1973

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  1. Thanks for your post. As I told you before: 'Better late than never' but you should have said if you like this country and if you would like to live there or not.