Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Summer Job

Dear Pilar,

My name is Blanca Villalobos and I am 16 yeas old, I am writing you beacause I want to get the job of taking care to your young children. I would like to be considered for the position and I enclose my CV.

I have experience in this job because every summer since three years ago I had taken care of many young children . Also I worked in a summer camp as an instructor with children between five and ten years old.
Summer Camp 2012

I am suitable for the job because I am a fun person (and so patient too), who  love to be with kids  having fun, learning things with them and always have a great time.

I am available from 20th of June and I would be happy to attend an interview or have an e-mail with any question that you have.                                

Yours sincerely, 
Blanca Villalobos

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  1. Hi Blanca, I think your letter is perfect, I love children too, and If I had a job, It would be taking care of little kids. Good luck!!