Friday, June 7, 2013

A summer job.

Dear Pilar
I’m María, I’m 16 years old.
I’m writing to you, because I’m interested in the job for taking care young children.
I think that I’m the appropriate person, because I love being with  little children, I enjoy so much working with them, and I’m very patient, lively, and I have a lot of imagination for doing funny games with them.
I have so much experience taking care children, because I have 7 little siblings, and when my parents go out, I always stay with them; and I also have 10 little cousins, and I use to be their baby-sitter.
Both,love being with me, because I always have something amazing to do.
I have thinking what I can do with your children; one day we can make puppets, and then we can make a very funny play; another day  I can teach them to do cool cookies and cupcakes, I think that they will have a good time; a very sunny and hot day, we can go to the pool and to do a lot of games, and if they don’t know swim, I will  teach them how to do it; if they like painting, we could go to an exposition where they can do their own drawings and they can put it in a big wall where another people can see it, I have gone a lot of times with my siblings and they love it; another day we can go to a park where little children go to learn to ride a bike, and I can teach them to do it; also, we can made our own costumes and then we can do a performance… there are so much funny and amazing things that I can do with them.
 I’m sure we will have so much fun, and they will have always something to do, they will never get bored.
I would like to know the timetable, because I want to organize my time, and I also would like to know how much the pay is.
It would be great if I get this job, because I need some money for my next year plans; and while I earn some money, I do the job that I like the most.
I look forward to hearing from you soon
Yours sincerely.
María Peláez.

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  1. Hello María, I think your letter is perfect, I love children too