Sunday, June 9, 2013

A summer job.

Dear Pilar,

I am Fátima  and I am 17 years old.
I’m writing to you because I am interested in the job of taking care of young children.
I think that I am the appropriate person, because I love little children, I enjoy so much working with them, and I am very patient, and I love playing with them as I was little too.

I have so much experience of taking care of children, because my parents have many friends with little kids and they always call me when they have to go and need someone to stay with the kids. I also have a baby nephew, he is 3 months old and he is always very calm when I am with him. My parents always tell me that I am like Wendy in Peter Pan, because I do not want to grow up.

I have planned many activities to do with them, like playing hide and seek, painting, playing football with the boys and Princes and Princesses with the girls, watching Disney movies, playing Daddies and Mommies, wearing costumes and making plays... We can go to the kid's swimming pool, play with water balloons, etc.

I am sure they will not forget me because we will have much fun and they will miss me when I am gone.
I would like to know the timetable and the salary.
You would be making me a great favour if you gave me the job because I need money for university and I would be very grateful.
Yours sincerely.

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