Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oral exams are better than written exams. Discuss.

Are oral exams  better than written exams, or  written exams are better than oral exams? There are many opinions on this. All students have the right to say what kind of test is best for them.

On the one hand, written exams, express the quality of the language and form of writing, the spelling mistakes... help to improve writing and more time to think what to write in the exam. However, if the test is a foreign language, writing is not enough. For some people it is easier to write than others. In the oral exams the students may show their ability to express ideas, to respond quickly and make coherent sentences. They help to lose the fear to talk in public

On the other hand, written exams, are more extensive, often have many questions and would need more time to make them. In spite of the fact that in oral exams a person can get nervous.

To sum up, I believe the written exams are better than oral ones, because you have more time to think about the answers, and if you do not know a question, you can go to another. Nevertheless, oral exams like in  English classes (for example) should be more used in education because I consider important to learn to express yourself in other languages.

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