Thursday, June 13, 2013

My interview with my best friend

My interview

After much thought I decided not to make interview a famous person if not someone closer to me so that ye may be able check it I can I feel proud to be with people like that.

I have decided to interview a very special person to me, and to which I always shown their support in my hardest moments.

He laughs and a bit of shyness reveals how happy he is
with his life. I asked him what his secret, to what he answered that I was enjoying every moment of life and know how to work hard to be able to appreciate the result of all that work. I also decided to ask him about his future plans, he answered me very proud of himself, that he would study medicine at university next school year in some Andalusian city. That has been been his dream for a long time and is a clear example of fighter and worker.

Later I asked about their aspirations in life he answered be happy and help others among other such as being a good surgeon, learn a language more and travel more frequently.

Finally I told him how happy I am to be at his side and thanked everything he had done for me, he said that he does love me and that he always will be by my side for what I need.

Thanks for being you. Love you.

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