Monday, June 10, 2013

My interview with Mario Vaquerizo

Last week at the Emperador Hotel, in Madrid, Mario and I met, at the moment we became friends. He arrived with his straight hair, his black leather jacket and a beer in his hand.
When we were sitting I asked him many things.
I asked him how he saw himself. He replied he saw himself as a good person too hippie, who loved peace and love and he said “What I want for me also I want for others”.
Then I asked him about his music group called Nancys and he said they would write a new different song  but also funny like the song called Peluquitas.
As I was also interested in the topic of love, I asked him about his marriage to Alaska, he told me that he is very sissy, but Alaska has been one of the best things that he has happened in his life.
Speaking a bit of him and his wife,  he also spoke about his TV program on MTV, he told me he loves the cameras and is making this program about his life where the people can enjoy themselves with his life.

To finish we drank a beer and we continued talking and sharing laughs together.

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