Sunday, June 2, 2013

Students should be allowed to take their mobile phones with them to school.

Many people have strong views about  mobiles phone in class. There are arguments both for and against it.

On the one hand, mobile phones should be allowed in class because we could chat with friends or play when we were bored. It is a good idea to bring mobile phones to school in case you feel ill and you have to phone home. It would also be good to take the mobile phone to class to find information on the Internet. Even though it is bad for us because we would always be using our mobile phone.

On the other hand,  mobile phones distract students and prevent us from concentrating when  a teacher is explaining or when we have to do homework in class. Also, if the mobile phone rings in class, it will interrupt the teacher when they are explaining. It is wrong to take the mobile phone to class. In spite of the fact that it is not allowed to bring mobile phones to school, many students bring their mobile phones to school.

To sum up, I believe it is better not to bring the mobile phone to school to behave better in school so you can get good marks on your tests. However, it would be more reasonable to allow students to call their parents in case of emergency.

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