Sunday, June 2, 2013

Only public transport should be allowed in cities

Nowadays, in the city centres there are too many too cars  and that could be the reason of allergic or respiration problems,  but transport is needed. There are both opinions for and against allowing ONLY public transport in cities.

On the one hand, we could remember our diary activities that always include transport in cities and it is true that we save up time if we use private transport. As   people usually go to work each person in his/her own car,  one solution for traffic would be to allow only cars at full capacity in the city centres.

On the other hand,  it would be more responsible with the nature to walk in short distances, and take buses, trains, or undergrounds in medium distances, so we would only use private cars to large distances,  always away from cities which would be nicer places without so much pollution. Another argument is that public transports are not adapted to people’s needs, for example here, in Granada, we do not have enough connections to villages.

Feroe Island: a completely different way of live

To sum up, I think Europeans cities are more modern than Spanish ones and have a different organisation, so if we banned private transport first, we would have to make some efforts and change our habits. In this way, we could enjoy our cities centre. 

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